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After serving in the Navy as a radio engineer in World War II, my father Richard began working at Sam’s Cut Rate in downtown Detroit demonstrating and selling sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. Soon he was selling sewing machines on his own door-to-door, and in 1949, opened his first sewing machine and vacuum sales and service shop on 9 mile Rd. in St. Clair Shores, Michigan called Shores Sewing and Vacuum Service. One year, while attending the Michigan State Fair, he saw a demo of the Pfaff model 130 that really impressed him. Soon after, Shores Sewing became the first Pfaff household sewing machine dealer in Michigan. Over the years, he also sold the Pfaff models 230, 260, 332, and 1222.

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Later on, he moved the operation to Gratiot Ave. north of 9 mile. Around 1970, he purchased a building on Gratiot south of 9 mile (photo). This was when I first began working with him full time, and my brother Darryl also worked part time while attending Michigan State. We also began selling and servicing new and used commercial and industrial machines at that location. In 1980, we became dealers for Durkopp Adler (simply called Adler at that time). 

My father taught me a sound work ethic as well as the importance of doing the best job possible and standing behind your work or product. He used to have a sign on the wall that I never forgot:



When that area of Gratiot and 9 Mile was later demoed and reconstructed, he again moved the business to its final location on Gratiot south of Frazho. There were actually two buildings there, one side was used for home sewing machines, the other was for commercial/industrial. Dad finally retired and sold the business in 1987, and I soon moved on to work with another industrial sewing machine company in 1990.

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Then in 1995, I started Sew Tech Industrial Repair, Inc., an entirely mobile service with experience in commercial and industrial sewing machines dating back to 1970. Today, we specialize in prompt, reliable, and professional quality service on all makes of machines. We service machines related to automotive seating and interiors, canvas products, draperies, tailoring and alterations, leather products, furniture upholstery, and sewing contracting. All of our work is performed on site at your home or business. Sew Tech is fully insured, and of course, we stand behind all of our work. We can assure you that every job will be done with the highest standards of quality, from genuine replacement parts to special modifications for specific sewing applications.

Many of our clients have testified to using machines for years that have not worked properly, some of them from the time they were brand new. After having their machines serviced, they tell us that their machines have never worked so well. Word of mouth has always been our best method of advertising. We look forward to doing business with you soon.